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Abhinav Bajaj
Sr. Consultant

How we helped Sabina jump the corporate ladder

July 31, 2023


Resume Writing, LinkedIn Branding, and Interview Coaching

Focus Areas

Career History Consolidation


3 interviews within 2 weeks

Project Overview

Sabina, a highly skilled professional, was working as a team leader in healthcare technology but was struggling to break through the corporate ceiling despite her qualifications and experience. She had been applying for senior management positions for months but was not getting any responses. She was feeling frustrated and demotivated. That’s when she decided to seek help from ExcelCV. We helped her create a powerful resume and LinkedIn profile that highlighted her skills and experience in a way that was attractive to potential employers, in addition to providing her with valuable advice on how to tailor her resume to specific job postings.

Project Execution

We have been in the industry for over 10 years, and we have worked with clients from various sectors, such as e-commerce, education, health, finance, and more. We quickly realised that Sabina's resume lacked the depth, which was needed in a senior manager's resume. While collaborating during our phone interview, we identified her strengths and accomplishments and presented them in a way that was compelling to potential employers.

  • Her final resume was condensed from 6 to 2 pages - with the first page only highlighting her achievements and key challenges she faced in the past 2 years.
  • Sabina's LinkedIn was revamped to showcase her value, resilience and perseverance - again not just a bio of her work experience, but a profile, which provokes confidence.
  • The Covering Letter written for her was something she could also use within the body of the email (not just as an attachment) - this helped her apply for internal job applications with her current employer.

Project Result

With the help of the resume writing service, Sabina was able to secure several interviews and eventually landed a job as a senior manager in the engineering field. She was thrilled and so were we to achieve these results!