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Sr. Consultant

How we helped Bhavna get back to work after 4 years of career gap

July 31, 2023


Interview Coaching and Suitability Statements

Focus Areas

Career Strategy & Resume Transformation


Found a fully remote role

Project Overview

Bhavna contacted her when she was having trouble going back to work after a 4 year long career break. A corporate lawyer and social worker by trade, she could only find roles which either wanted her to take a step down in her career or be in the office 5 days a week.

Project Execution

Over the past several years, we have had the privilege of working with both men and women who have had to take a career break due to care-giving roles. Statistics show this is still a much bigger problem for mothers. However, balancing full-time-motherhood alongside a full-time-career is possible and a large number of employers support this. Did you know that LinkedIn now provides the tool to add career breaks too? Coming back to Bhavna - after our engagement, we quickly identified the areas she could pursuit and where her skills need to be embellished

  • Bhavna, on our advice, took some LinkedIn learning on skills which we identified as important. This helped us demonstrate that she was committed to re-enter the corporate workforce, and able to manage time well
  • Her Resume and LinkedIn were refreshed - clearly articulating the career break and most importantly translating her previous work experience and newly gained skills, into a more generic language
  • Confidence, not sorrow, was the tone on her suitability statement

Project Result

Bhavna kept getting calls with employers offering her either freelancing or part-time roles. In the end, it was the suitability statement, which she used as a cold-email to her network, which helped her find a fully remote role in the industry. She continues to enjoy her new ways of working.