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Resume Writer

How Arun's business venture helped him land a role with India's biggest conglomerate

July 31, 2023


Resume Writing and LinkedIn Branding

Focus Areas

Personal Branding and Career Strategy


Several interview requests

Project Overview

Arun, a serial entrepreneur, contacted us for a resume when he got an offer for his business which he could not refuse. To be fair, we had a close working relationship before his recent contact, as we were managing his business LinkedIn profiles and presentations. In his mid 50s, he was not sure what how he could go back and work for someone - as his last job was when he was in his early 20s.

Project Execution

We understand that it could be challenging for entrepreneurs to find work in their 50s - but having dealt with similar clients before, we were able to assuage Arun's concerns and remind him of the skills and competencies he brought to the table.

  • We mapped out his entire 30 years of work experience - and before focusing on what's important, we weeded out the early year roles - noting what we he did recently far exceeded his skill-set in yesteryears
  • Instead of targeting his resume to one more - a portfolio resume was created finely balancing the most in demand skills needed in management. Alongside his transferable skills, his resume was adorned with his business acumen and strategic mindset
  • We made it very clearly on his career documents of the business he nurtured and intends to sell - making it clear to readers that he would be able to lead a management with his full might

Project Result

ExcelCV is proud to announce, Arun did secure a C level role with India's largest conglomerate. Credit to this also goes to his networking skills.