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Sr. Resume Writer

How Apoorv finally landed a role in the Middle East

July 31, 2023


Resume Writing and LinkedIn Branding

Focus Areas

Content Design & Presentation


Placed with Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors Dubai

Project Overview

Honestly given the opportunity to work with Apoorv was a complete pleasure. He called in one morning, whilst I was having a not-such-a-great-day, and told me all about his job hunt, which was proving to be as fruitful as searching for a needle in a haystack. On this particular day, Apoorv’s frustration was palpable over the phone. He sounded like he was ready to pack it all in and take up a career as a professional Netflix binge-watcher.

Project Execution

Our expertise in crafting resumes spans across various regions including the Middle East, Australia, Canada, UK, and Singapore. Each of these regions has its unique cultural nuances and requirements. For instance, a resume for the Middle East is expected to be visually appealing and include a headshot, a practice that wouldn’t be suitable for Australia. When Apoorv approached us, we embarked on a journey together to identify his preferred work destination. After careful consideration, he decided that the Middle East was where he wanted to establish his professional foothold. We sprang into action

  • We translated Apoorv’s sales experience into a language that resonated with the prevalent industries in the Middle East.
  • His accomplishments and the significant work-related challenges he had overcome were visually represented, ensuring that a potential employer could grasp his capabilities within 6 seconds. Have you heard of the 6 second rule before?
  • Also, we provided LinkedIn coaching and design uplift to help him find the right roles at the right time.

Project Result

Working with Apoorv was indeed a complete pleasure. His call that morning didn’t just uplift my spirits; it reminded me of the joy and humor that can be found in the most unexpected places. The saga of Apoorv and the elusive overseas job soon finished with an in-mail from a recruiter. Did you know many jobs these days are not even advertised.